Boy In Space (& unheard) "Cold"

08.08.2019 08:48:07 | beate
BOY IN SPACE & unheard release New Single “Cold”

Single: "Cold" 08.08.2019

“With soaring, earwormy melodies within "7UP" to stratospheres unknown, Boy In Space is sure to land in hearts everywhere.” – Paper

“With a catchy sound and a romantic narrative surrounding young love and heartbreak, Boy In Space has created a song for the summer and we can’t (read: won’t) stop listening.” – DuJour

“The emerging artist does not disappoint, showcasing his unique voice and raw emotion.” – Spindle

“Boy in Space’s music cleverly combines the wistful romanticism of a coming-of-age movie with the emotional sincerity of a hard-hitting drama to create something truly special.” - Atwood Magazine 

 Boy In Space has teamed up with fellow Swedish artist, 17-year old producer unheard, to release - “Cold” - PRESS HERE to listen to the new single and read Atwood Magazine’s piece on the track. The track is filled with cinematic lyrics and lush vocals as it explores a couple on thin ice and the difficulties of moving on from a relationship that never had a chance to truly begin. Through Boy In Space, artist Robin Lundbäck shines as he shares his life experiences and ponders truth, love and a complicated adolescence.   

Ones To Watch praised Lundbäck calling him a “living manifestation of what it means to shoot for the stars” and Paper confessed that the musical venture "is sure to land in hearts everywhere" while he flawlessly blends otherworldly heartbreak over a soundtrack of memorable and comforting production. Since his debut release, Boy In Space has gathered over 7.2 million streams as Lundbäck attempts to illustrate the intensities of youth, the cold sting of heartbreak, the suffocation of betrayal and the fiery passion of young love through “Cold” and previous single, "7UP" (PRESS HERE to watch). As for unheard, his latest collaboration “Splash” with Ty James accrued over 10 million streams to date.

The moniker “Boy In Space” itself is a metaphor for how he navigates and untangles these emotions. “I can be crazy and all over the place at times. I was always the class clown in school and although I got along with everyone, I was never really at the top of the class,” he says. “So ‘Boy In Space’ has a very literal meaning to it. Although my songs can be sad, if you meet me, you’ll find that I’m full of energy and actually pretty happy (most of the time). So in a not so literal way, Boy In Space has become the space where I’m able to go to express those sad and darker feelings.”